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Expatriates’ welfare and overseas employment

minister Nurul Islam on Saturday said the Malaysian government may cancel the recruitment system.

He, however, expressed confidence that such decision would not hamper the process of sending workers to the Southeast Asian country, reports UNB.

Malaysia’s human resources minister M Kulasegaran

has said the government had suspended the system currently in place for the recruitment of migrant workers from Bangladesh,

according to Malaysian daily The Star.

He said the whole process was “a total mess” that resulted in the migrant workers paying exorbitant amounts of money to several middlemen in both Bangladesh and Malaysia, also adding that the ten companies, which are part of the syndicate involved in the recruitment process, have also been suspended.

In the light of this, Nurul Islam said the

Malaysian government has not officially informed Dhaka about it till now, but according to their workers’ demand, there is no alternative to taking Bangladeshi workers.

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